Achtung! Cthulhu: Guide to the Eastern Front by Modiphius Entertainment

By Modiphius Entertainment


Achtung! Cthulhu is a terrifying international battle atmosphere, absolutely suitable with the decision of Cthulhu, 6th variation and Savage Worlds roleplaying games.

Discover the key historical past of the warfare in Russia: an enormous land less than the thumb of a brutal regime; a downtrodden but decided inhabitants who've visible many horrors, now not them all of man’s making; and a land the place massive machines of conflict rage around the geographical region, terrorising all of their path.

The advisor to the japanese entrance provides a brand new size to the key warfare, including:
- New investigator career templates: play participants of the Soviet underworld, political prisoners, NKVD brokers, and the cavalry
- info on Russian army constitution and the problems confronted whilst waging a conflict at the jap Front
- extra anonymous horrors and vile creatures, equivalent to the Krysolud,
- The bugs from Shaggai, and the Stalin Lampen
- info at the internal workings of Institute 21, Otdel MI, and the Cult of pink Horus, in addition to numerous self reliant occult corporations and their nefarious plans for the Soviet Union
- Tanks! (including Nachtwolfe's proposed great tank that places the Maus and Ratte to shame...)
- Stats and ideas to be used with either name of Cthulhu sixth version AND Savage Worlds in a single book!

In truth, a complete dossier's worthy of valuable old and fantastical details that will help you extend your crusade out into the broader global of the key War.

Requires the decision of Cthulhu sixth version or Savage Worlds Rulebooks to play. this can be a complement to be used with the Achtung! Cthulhu: Investigator's and Keeper's Guides.

Not definite approximately getting the PDF or Print? don't fret - if you are going to buy our PDF's you get the price of the PDF discounted from the hardcopy if you happen to buy from our webstore. simply e-mail us for details.

Funded via Kickstarter, the Achtung! Cthulhu line comprises eleven books that includes huge courses, campaigns and cross-overs with significant gaming universe (all twin statted for name of Cthulhu & Savage Worlds), a complete diversity of miniatures, flooring tiles and lots more and plenty extra. sign up for the key warfare now!

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Cthulhu: the Keeper’s Guide to the Secret War, Chapter 6. Medical and veterinary supply departments are responsible for the purchase, storage, and dispensing of medicine as well as providing medical care to the army. Each RKKA company has a junior medical officer (saninstruktor) who is tasked with caring for sick and injured soldiers at regimental first-aid posts. It is important to note that fully qualified medical professionals in the RKKA can only be found in hospitals; the saninstruktors and feldshers on the front line typically have very little training.

The DT is the vehicle mounted version. DEGTYARYOV PPD-40 SUBMACHINE GUN The first Soviet submachine gun (SMG) accepted into service, the PPD is designed in 1934 by Degtyaryov and is a virtually identical copy of an earlier German gun. 62mm cartridge and accepts either a 25-round box magazine or a 71-round drum magazine. Unlike the later PPSh and PPS, the PPD is very expensive to produce. DSHK HEAVY MACHINE GUN The Red Army adopts the DShK in 1938. A variant of the DP/DT, it is used as an anti-aircraft and heavy support weapon.

COMPANY (RUSSIAN: ROTA) Number of men: 178 (50-200). A rifle company is commanded by both a captain and a political officer, who holds the rank of lieutenant. In the captain’s direct command structure are a sergeant and five — 27 - Photo: Dieck—Russland-Süd, Infanterie auf dem Marsch, August 1942—Bundesarchiv, Bild 101I-217-0492-09 / Dieck / CC-BY-SA CHAPTER 3 privates: an adjutant with a horse, a scribe, two snipers, and a messenger. All privates are armed with Mosin–Nagant rifles. In greater detail, a Soviet infantry company consists of three infantry platoons (total 153 men), a machine gun unit, and a medical unit.

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