A Practical Guide to Quality Management in Spinning by B. Purushothama

By B. Purushothama

The booklet offers an advent to caliber administration and the standard goals of goods. Chapters talk about the effect of yarn parameters from a customer’s viewpoint, purposes for bad caliber, a variety of tremendous elements and difficulties on the topic of spinning. The explanations of yarn defects and applicable treatments also are tested. a few of the common-market lawsuits that spinners event are mentioned and the activities to be taken are defined.

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Consistency in cotton colour and Micronnaire: Variation in shade of cotton gives variation in shade even after dyeing in certain shades and it is not accepted. Contamination: The colour contamination is not accepted as it gives an ugly look. 2 ● ● ● ● ● ● ● 29 Grey yarns for heavy fabrics and industrial applications Count variations: As normally doubled and multifold yarns are used for heavy fabrics, there shall not be many problems due to count variations. Any shift in average count results in a shift in fabric weight, which shall create problems in further processes and in the strength of the fabric.

The sewing thread should be free from hairs, as the presence of hairs can hamper the movement of thread in the needle. The sewing threads are normally singed. 3 Communications of quality objectives The quality objectives of the yarns being produced should be clear to the people working on the spot in order to avoid quality complaints and getting the required quality right at first time. The workers and the supervisors need to be trained adequately and informed from time to time regarding the changes in the objectives.

Twist variations: An increase in twist gives a rough feel of the towel and also shall have lesser absorbency. Sometimes we get deshaped piles because of twist variations in pile yarn. A very low twist shall result in breakages while weaving. Variation within cones or between cones is not a critical issue. Imperfections: This is not a critical issue for towels. Strength: The strength should be sufficient to work on looms without breaks. Elongation: This is not a critical issue, but should be sufficient to work on looms.

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