Massacre in Marienburg (Warhammer) by David Bishop

By David Bishop

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Not once had he heard the voice of his god, or known for certain if he was truly doing Solkan’s will. He had to survive on the strength of his beliefs. True faith needed no proof, no certainty, no guarantees. True faith was enough, in and of itself. So when the skull spoke to him, the Keeper did not know what to think. Are you a true servant of Solkan? The Keeper blinked. ” Are you a faithful disciple of Solkan? ” The Keeper whirled round, trying to discern where the voice was coming from. He could see nobody else with him in the oubliette, no mouth from where the words could emit.

Yes,” the commander agreed, through gritted teeth. ” He twisted round to glare at Sandler, who was sat opposite Kurt. ” Sandler nodded, all too aware of the angry undercurrent in his commander’s tone. “My watchmen have built up a network of contacts among the criminals of Goudberg—” “What, both of them? ” Quist jeered. “My district may have the lowest levels of lawbreaking in the city,” Sandler continued, “but I’ve good reason to believe a major incident is planned for Goudberg. I’m not able to reveal what that could be at this time, but trust that the good work my Black Caps have done will not be ignored by the Watch.

The fog was so dense ahead of the carriage he couldn’t make out anything more than a stone’s throw beyond the unhappy horses. The cloud extended as far as the eye could see both north and south away from the bridge. “There’s nothing for it,” Kurt said. ” “Good,” Potts replied, emerging from his uncle’s carriage. “I’d rather walk. ” Kurt smiled. He’d done much the same thing on his way to assume the captaincy at Three Penny Bridge. Perhaps Potts wasn’t the fool his uncle thought. “I’ll doubt you’ll see much of anything tonight.

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