A Man Called Milo Morai by Robert Adams

By Robert Adams

“Be reconciled, or be destroyed!” For a while, difficulty have been brewing among clans Linsee and Skaht. Many women and men have been killed in raids, and the feud among them threatened to spill over and engulf the entire Kindred clans. eventually, the Council of Chiefs handed judgment: Linsee and Skaht needs to set aside their hatred or be scattered and enslaved. In a final, determined fight to save lots of the cohesion of the Kindred, Milo supplies to intercede, taking the assembled little kids on a trip of the brain to a wierd and far away place…back to the 20th century!

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You know, Mrs. O'Shea, your husband may be right. The Army may well be the answer we so desperately need to keep Milo out of that priest's clutches. I think the minimum enlistment in the armed services is three years, and by that time surely all of this sorry business will be ancient history. " Pat chuckled. "I got the answer to that one, too, doctor. I knows thishere recruiter in Indianapolis, see. Milo can get on a train and get out of Illinois, tonight, see. I can call my old buddy firstest thing he opens up in the morning and tell him enough of what's going on to get him ready for Milo when he gets there, see.

Therefore, you only two options haf. Either to marry the nurse, Irunn Thorsdottar, you must or to leaf the state and go far away. One hears that the State of California a most congenial climate has. . But the choice of destination must yours be, and please to not of it tell me, for then if by the police I am questioned I to lie to them would not need. "All of the help and advice I can to give you, I haf, mein freund, Milo. You what, ten days haf to the expiration of the Nazi priest's ultimatum?

He then made his way back to the deppt, found a telephone and placed a reverse-charges call, person-to-person to Patrick O'Shea, giving him the name they had decided upon, Tom Muldoon. "Tommy, lad? Yes, operator, this is Patrick O'Shea. Yes, I'll accept charges for the call. Tommy, I can't talk to you but a minute. The whole bloody house is full of cops. Some feller used to room here, they're after him, two carloads of them just come in and they're after searching this house from cellar to attic.

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