A Dictionary of the Ugaritic Language in the Alphabetic by Gregorio Del Olmo Lete, G Del Olmo Lete, J Sanmartmn,

By Gregorio Del Olmo Lete, G Del Olmo Lete, J Sanmartmn, Gregorio Delolmo Lete, Joaquin Sanmartin, W G E Watson, Wilfred Watson

Because the mid-twentieth century Ugaritic stories has witnessed an incredible elevate of edited texts. clearly, yet scattered in several courses, whilst large advances were made in epigraphy, grammatical research and lexicography. the present dictionary is an up-to-date and significantly augmented English version – ready through W.G.E. Watson – of G. Del Olmo Lete and J. Sanmart?n, Diccionario de l. a. lengua ugaritica. It systematically brings jointly all insights received to this point, and offers solutions to various latest lexical difficulties by means of using new options of lexicographical research, and whilst drawing from conclusions reached in different branches of Semitic philology. The paintings is an entire stock of phrases (morphemes) and meanings, affixes and correct names of Ugarit as studied thus far. With isolexemes, complete bibliographical references and translations in context. a real, smooth and necessary key to figuring out Ugarit.

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Le problème des habiru à la 4e. Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale, Paris 1954. W. Gesenius, Hebräisches und aramäisches Handwörterbuch über das Alte Testament, bearb. von Frants Buhl. Unveränderter Neudruck der 1915 erschienenen 17. Auflage, Berlin-Gòttingen-Heidelberg 1950. J. von Beckerath, Handbuch der ägyptischen Königsnamen, München 1984. L. Koehler - W. Baumgartner, Hebräisches und ara­ mäisches Lexikon zum Alten Testament, Leiden 19671990. XXX11 HALOT HAM Hava HBHS HDBS HdO HED HEG HH HHA Hipp.

Grøndahl PTU 53). 103:51. -d/ vb G: general commercial meaning "to overcharge, levy; to exact" (cf. Arab. āda, Lane 124; Tigr. îawwada, WTS 380; cf. Eg. Tdd/îudi-d, WäS 1 237; Helck Bez. 510 (47). Cf. Dietrich - Loretz Sanmartín UF 6 1974 455; Cunchillos EEU 129; Renfroe AULS 77f). ¶ Forms: G prefc. tad, inf. ad. G. 26:20 (diff: Cunchillos TOu 2 319 n. 14: 'rembourser / payer'). Cf. ud. ad n. m. "father" (childish onomatopeia; cf. Sum. ad (-da), Deimel SAG 9; Amor. ad/, Huffmon APNMT 156; Buccellati Amorites 206; cf.

Gt. 14 I 24. Cf. abd (I), abdy. abd (I) n. m. -b-d/; see Moab. 'bd, DNWSI 5; cf. De Moor ARTU 147: 'destructive venom'; diff: Caquot TOu 2 84 n. : hint, tmdl ¶ Forms: sg. abd. 107:45 and par. 100:5 and par. (// hmt, diff. -b-d/). -b-d/, abdy. abd (II) NP (Probl. allographs of îbd (II)). 635:48; bkn. 727:24. Cf. Vbd (II). ubdit n. f. "share-cropping, leasing system, tenancy" (< ubdy, cf. Heltzer IOKU 34; JNSL 9 1982 71-74; BAfO 19 1982 112-120). /pl. ubdit. 12:14. Cf: ubdy, updt. abdVn, cf. îbdîn.

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