7th Sea Villain's Kit by Jim Pinto, Carl Frank

By Jim Pinto, Carl Frank

The Villain's package contains Footprint Island, The Powder Keg, easy methods to construct the best Villain, 4 new motion maps, and sixteen NPC head pictures, plus a crusade building sheet.

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Heroes looking for work have much competition. As you may have guessed, since the Powder Keg is so generic, there has to be something unique about it, depending on where you’re playing. Below is a list of things you can add to the Powder Keg to make it an important adventuring HQ for your 7th Sea campaigns. Montaigne The Powder Keg is unusual in Montaigne. Few cities would have such an eye-sore. Yet, the amount of noble traffic here keeps the doors open and the cash box full. Gillian’s tavern is louder in Montaigne than any other place and the workers are a little happier about what they do.

Here’s a brief list of Twenty Questions for your Villains. Answer them in your Villain’s voice and see what you come up with. Don’t be surprised if he or she comes up with answers you didn’t count on! If this still isn’t enough for you, find an in-depth psychological exam. After answering 500 questions about your Villain, you’ll have developed a fully functioning psychological profile. When a Merciful Villain smiles, it looks very different from the Cruel Villain’s grin. Likewise, when the Arrogant Villain slowly draws his sword from its sheath, it looks very different from the Cowardly Villain’s attempt to fire a pistol.

Most words are pronounced loudly, even when someone is trying to be quiet. Ich weiss’ nicht. Ich verstehe nicht. Guten tag, mein herr. Sprechen sie Eisen? Danke schön. Bitte sehr. Ich bin ein Bauer. Schnell. Aufmachen da drinnen. Das ist nicht mein Gepäck. Doss vedanya. Ya nye ponemayu. Zdravstvooeetye. Nye govoryo po-Ussura. Govor’eetye po-Ussura? Zdravstvooeetye kak vee pozhivayetye? Syr? Da. Nyet. Vendel/Vestenmannavnjar Bear in mind that most Vendel do not use their native language. Montaigne and Avalon have replaced the national language on a grand scale.

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