21 Meditation Techniques (A Unique Collection Of Ancient by Shiva Girish

By Shiva Girish

This publication “21 Meditation recommendations “is a distinct number of old knowledge and non secular teachings of serious jap masters. those recommendations are compiled from following assets taught by means of maximum masters from diverse cultures like Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Buddhist options from Buddha & Atisha grasp, Kriya Yoga Tantra Yoga by means of Babaji,Sufism‎ meditations from Gurdjieff & Jalaluddin Rumi, Kashmir Shaivism -Vigyan Bhairav Tantra - through Lord Shiva.

This non secular educating can spread religious strength, higher well-being & internal peace inside participants. it may be valuable for a variety of seekers who are looking to in achieving a greater course in lifestyles via direct historic knowledge and religious teachings.
As the writer shiva himself is well known tantra yoga & meditation lecturers who has been engaging in periods, workshops and coaching in quite a few components of India and out of the country for a few years. He has learnt those kriyas from many various conventional Hindu Yogis, Sadhus, specialists and Meditation Masters of India.

Initially this ebook was once written for his scholars that they could perform with right guidance with out a instructor, this publication can be utilized by means of smooth humans, newcomers, during to yoga meditation lecturers and therapists as a guide to lead for them of their course of self transformation in day-by-day lives.

This e-book comprises right instructions what to do and what to not do, in addition to transparent information regarding lively & passive meditations, why should still we do meditation & What the differing kinds of advantages, universal sitting Asanas, Bandhas, Mudras, information about Pranayama & differing types prana, different types of Nadis, (Ida - Pingala - Sushumna)Sound Mantras, special realizing on seven chakras and every chakra is hooked up to its corresponding physique.

Following are few examples of Meditation procedure you get during this book:

Different kinds of Yogic respiring like stomach, stomach, Chest, complete Yogic Breathing,
Breath know-how, looking at hole among respiring, Spinal Tantra respiring and jogging respiring meditation.
Mantra & Sound dependent meditations like Chakra Sound Meditation, Sound buzzing, Chakra Bija Mantra, identify Mantra, So Hum Mantra And Aum Mantra Meditation Techniques.
Active meditations like chakra dance, cease Dance, sufi whirling meditation and extra, the concepts proportion during this ebook can't be defined through phrases, however it might be comprehend by way of your individual direct Experience!!!

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1 Yogic Breathing Meditation Technique (Abdomen, Belly, Chest and Full Yogic Breathing) Breathing is given utmost importance in yoga & tantra. It is because; the energy flow completely depends on the technique of breathing. Breathing through nostrils gives numerous benefits. There are four different types of breathing which are: • High Breathing (Chest Or Collar-Bone Or Clavicular Breathing) • Mid Breathing (Rib Or Intercostal Or Belly Breathing) • Low Breathing (Abdominal Or Deep or Diaphragmic Breathing) • Yogi Complete Breathing (Integration Of High, Mid And Low Breathing Together) High Breathing (Also Called As Chest Or Collar-Bone Or Clavicular Breathing) This is medically known as Collar-bone or Clavicular breathing.

It is essential to be in a comfortable and a relaxed position before beginning any meditation practice. • The place chosen for meditation practice must be calm, quiet, have a free flow of air and must be free from any external disturbances. • Sitting posture must be perfect for meditation. Neck should be straight, spine upright, and erect. • Head should be straight like you are watching someone in front of you, this allows your mind to calm down. • Keep eyes closed throughout, no strain should be felt in neck or facial muscles, also try to relax your shoulders, arms, and thighs before meditation.

Breathing plays a vital role in yoga, meditation and tantra practices. This is same with all the traditions of spirituality. According to Buddhist tradition , Anapana Sati is one of the breathing technique that is practice on observing the inhalation and exhalation with awareness, Buddhu himself got enlightened throught Anapana Sati there fore it was initiated by Buddha himself as one the key Buddhist meditation practice. This same technique is also mentioned in Kashmir Shaivism - Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, is a 4500 year’s old one the most sacred text in Hinduism which consist of 112 meditation techniques of enlightenment given by lord Shiva to goddess Parvati.

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